Biker Wallet Chains Handcrafted 925 Silver


Sinister Silver Co. Wallet Chain Collection



Our Custom Biker Wallet Chain Collection. Not just for Bikers, and Truckers any more! You will find a nice selection of Custom Sterling Silver Wallet Chains here and we will have a variety of styles to suit any taste and budget. Everyone is getting in on the Wallet Chain craze these days. After all what better way to show off that Custom Wallet? There is also a good reason to wear one. Safety! Your wallet, cash, credit cards etc. are all very well protected when you attach a chain to your wallet. It also avoids any pick pockets. Who hasn't lost a wallet at one time or another? What a major downer to replace all it had inside.

Even that treasured condom carried in the wallet can be lost when on a bender and you may just not get any tail without it. We can create Wallet Chains to go with any fashion. Even a well dressed business man can wear a thin short chain and it will look very sensible. There is no limit and no rule as to size and type. Just an all around good idea. A complimentary piece of Jewelry and Great Fashion! We have many link types, and many clasps as well as end pieces to make anything you want that may not appear here. Ask for the photos we can share and we will be happy to make one just for you suiting your individual "Sinister" tastes. TV's all have a remote and every Wallet "should" have a chain...