Conchos & Wallet Connectors


Sinister Silver Co. Concho & Wallet Chain Connectors.


Sinister Silver Co. carries one of the most complete Concho (snap cover) collections on the internet. We also have a good selection of Wallet Chain Connectors as many of you have Wallet Chains and a Custom Leather Wallet. Anyone crafting leather will find our Conchos superior to others. Conchos and Wallet Chain Connectors are being added now! Materials mainly will be 925 Sterling Silver. Not the tin plated junk, and pewter you find on other sites. Those of you desiring Gold color can request anything in Solid Brass. We hope you will assist us in letting us know if there is anything you may need in a style or design. Please do contact us in that case and we will do our best to create a GREAT Concho or Connector for you.