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How To Wear Heavy Biker Bracelets By Sinister Silver Co.

This is our first delve into the blog world here at defining the right way to wear Biker Bracelets. What is correct? What are your preferences? Wear one or a few?

Actually all are correct. What you wear is all according to what look you want and how you feel. I myself like to stack a few of my favorite Bracelets as long as they seem to work well together and give me a level of comfort with all that Biker Style. I also on certain days will pick one of my favorites and stick to showcasing just that one fine piece. Wearing more then one Bracelet is just like wearing more then one Ring.

Bikers have long been known for massive pieces and lots of each type. Bikers and Jewelry go together like a good piece of pie with ice cream. Bikers almost always seem to have a small Jewelry shop on board wherever they go. This has now bled into other areas and cultures as well. Hip Hop and Rock and Roll are great examples of too much Jewelry? NEVER is the answer! I hope that as we grow you and your friends will grow with us in wanting nothing but the best in Custom Heavy Biker Pieces. Nothing beats the feel of BOLD Silver worn in quantity.

We feel the quality is also essential and that is why we will "Not" offer Stainless Steel. Poorly carved and cast mass produced junk has now infiltrated the web and many drop ship wanna be sites are pumping it hard as you may expect. Who the hell knows what the metals they use really are. I see alloy mentioned often in looking into those sites. Alloy What? You never have to wonder with us. 925 Sterling Silver is the choice and mark of a real jeweler. Not stainless.

Alright the choice is now totally up to you as to what you define as style and quality. We hope to see you joining the ranks of our rapidly growing mountain of Bikers wearing our bracelets from . Enjoy!

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