Shipping Information


Shipment Information for Sinister Silver Co.

About our shipping. We are located in Bangkok, Thailand and offer shipment through all major carriers. Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, DHL Global Mail and Airmail Registered, Thailand Post if you like. Moderately priced items will be shipped Airmail Registered for FREE. **** Spain and Italy shipments "MUST" be shipped via FedEx or similar and that is now costing $59.00USD which clients must pay. Loss and theft happens if Airmail registered is used and we "will not" send your items that way. Apologies. Packages are packed with great care, and we use the best in secure packaging. Simply get in touch using the message us button on our pages.

There are various shipping arrival times depending on what choice used, what the item is, and if it is being custom made to order for you. We will always do our best to get items to you using the fastest method. Most normal priced items will be sent Airmail Registered through regular mail. This gets delivered by your mail services in your country after going through your customs system.

Most US arrivals take 2 to 3 weeks if customs is not backed up. Great Britain and Germany are about the same. At times east coast US items do take extra time because of a constant bottle neck at New York customs. Weather can also delay things at times. Most important? "Contact us" if you have any questions about your items arrival. Tracking numbers always get posted to your transaction page and into PayPal as well.

Next level of shipment is Fed Ex, DHL etc. These arrive much faster 3 to 5 business days and are better for tracking door to door. They do carry a bigger charge and we do cover that on our more expensive pieces. If you wish to upgrade to this method on other items you can by simply contacting us. We highly recommend this shipment type as they just get through customs so fast and arrivals are flawless.